Advantages of Hypnotherapy Certification

AWHI  is one of the leading providers of quality hypnotherapy training courses both at practitioner and postgraduate levels. Short courses, vocational and non-vocational, are also offered.

Whether you are seeking a change of direction in life or career, or simply the opportunity to explore your inner self, the American Wellness Hypnosis Institute can provide what you seek.

About The American Wellness Hypnosis Institute

Our hypnotherapy school provides students with the knowledge, confidence and competence to become effective clinical hypnotherapists. Courses offered at the AWHI are comprehensive. Supervised, practical training ensures that graduates are equipped not only to utilize suggestion therapy, but to implement and manage hypnoanalytical techniques also.

Training in hypnoanalysis should be a fundamental part of any hypnotherapy course as it involves development of skills essential for anyone who may choose to practice as a hypnotherapist.

Since hypnotherapy is a skills based profession, practical training is essential. This part of the course is a fundamental component of the training and students must attend if they wish to qualify.

During this time, students undergo ‘IMMERSION TRAINING’, learning, in a fully supervised and supportive environment, the practical application of hypnosis for a wide variety of presenting complaints. Many undergo life changing self development during this period of time.

Participants are involved in learning induction and deepening procedures and management of the hypnotic state, including suggestion therapy and termination of the hypnosis. Each student also has the opportunity to experience a session of hypnoanalysis.

Week 2 introduces students to the practice of hypnoanalysis, the effective management of abreaction and past life regression as a tool of analysis. Additional input in topics such as business start up, management and marketing are also included.

Training is carried out by fully experienced tutors, supplemented by specialist lecturers and visiting, practicing hypnotherapists.

The role of the hypnotherapist is to assist individuals to utilize their own innate resources for behavior modification and healing and in so doing, help them to overcome or modify a diversity of presenting complaints.

Advantages of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a completely safe and effective treatment for the majority of psychological and emotional problems. Unlike drugs and prescriptions, there are few risks and side effects.

Hypnotherapy helps promote feelings of independence and mastery in coping with problems. It has also been known to accelerate the healing process in many physiological problems.

Patients who undergo hypnosis undergo a much more profound level of relaxation with a concomitant reduction in stress levels.

Hypnotherapy is supported by doctors as an aid to better health. It is a non-invasive therapy, complementary to orthodox medicine.

Hypnotherapy Can Help

The following list is not exhaustive but provides, in essence, fields in which hypnotherapy can be effectively utilized. Learn Hypnotherapy and get certified.


To provide:

  • A supportive environment in which both experienced and novice therapists can practice new techniques and benefit from being on the receiving end of therapy
  • A comprehensive understanding of the causes of over and underweight issues
  • The opportunity to expand the individual’s knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of hypnosis and hypnotherapy through group work and discussion
  • An informal forum for the exchange of ideas and experience

Hypnotherapy Courses Available

The following short courses are also available.

Stop Smoking

This course is designed to assist therapists to develop an holistic approach to smoking cessation thereby increasing their success rates. This course also embraces the development of procedures and the practical skills necessary to assist in bringing about changes in addictive behaviors.

Past Life Regression

Some therapists may doubt the efficacy of past life regression and indeed its position in the armoury of techniques available for use with clients. This course is designed to develop the practical skills involved in utilizing past life regression techniques to assist clients in the identification and resolution of present day problems.


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