Unique Hoodia

Unique Hoodia

From what I gather losing weight consists for 75% of eating less fatty crap. The rest would be running for me. vSleeping enough and ensuring it is quality sleep (meditating prior to it to stop thinking) is another core component. If you want to add muscles, wait until you trained all the fat away first. I am fairly active (I box 3 times a week, play tennis 1-2x and hit a gym 1-2 per week), yet I still have some fat around belly. Could you recommend some diet or program to follow? I am 32y old male. I’d say either do a week or so of Rapid Fat Loss by Lyle McDonald if it’s just ‘a bit’ of fat… it’s not ‘easy’ and it’ll probably suck but it’s the fastest most effective route to lose fat quickly .

If you’re creative in the kitchen it can actually be a breeze…Anything else (and I mean ANYTHING else!) will simply make it a slower, more comfortable, but less reliable endeavour. You may still find success with Unique Hoodia.

Questions are really:

– How quickly do you want results / are you happy waiting for them?

– How is your will power?

– How comfortable do you want it to be?

You could do something like Intermittent Fasting instead, for which I’d recommend the original Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon… much slower but almost seamless in terms of lifestyle change. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Toniy! I actually posted in group buys about the new book from Brad Pilon that deals with this exact topic (men diet for getting down fat %). I will check the Eat Stop Eat material. I do not have specific target in mind, I just feel it’s a shame that I exercise frequently and still do not have ripped abs. Oh yeah? I really like Brad Pilon actually. I’ll have to look out for that (the new book). Learn about Unique Hoodia | Dietcruncher.com

Yeah man… it’s all in your diet. I spent 3 months daily with an ex-royal marine, who told me he was essentially the fittest bloke in the division (whatever) but he was always a chubby fucker.On the plus side you’ll have probably built up a decent foundation now… so it’s just a case of revealing what you’ve got! Didn’t mean for this reply to take so long, btw… I’m not used to checking this high up in the forum. Lyle know ALLOT more than Brad… also Lyle is allot less of a bullshitter … Brad is super cool and knowledgeable also… no doubt … but first and foremost he is a rather good marketer… Lyle is a shitty marketer, less cool, – but much more intelligent…

There is a limit to how “fit” you can be if you are fat: Being “fit” is about how strong one’s “cardio engine” is compared to how large a body that has to be moved around is… I know a few severely heavy guys that break those rules (former world strongest men like Guffy and so on) buy they are like 130 kg pure muscle with 40 kg of fat or something – even if you are strong, have a great heart, and great cardio vascular system, being fat will always affect how fit you are… And for most, the easiest way to get fit, will be to stop being fat.

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