Pherazone Ultra Blew Me Away!

Pherazone Ultra Blew Me Away!

Pherazone is easily the most powerful pheromone cologne product on the market. It contains 7 powerful pheromones that enhance sexual attraction. I bought my first bottle of Pherazone online and was totally blown away by the results.

My first Pherazone results

This is what I have learned about using Pherazone pheromones recently ….

1 – I’ve learned to totally cut out approaching. But it is only because I don’t react if the girl thinks I am crazy for being too forward. It is part of my image to be a playboy who uses pheromones. It’s all about identity, and not what you do. It’s who you are. And ever since I had that harem, my identity has forever shifted to Don juan/Cassanova. My identity is so strong, women barely test for congruency. But I have had a lot of experience with the Don Juan identity. So if you are starting off, expect to be tested.

2- Always be a cool guy. Lift people up to your level. Andy wants to invite me to his next house party with drugs and hot chicks at his beach house. I run into these people not because I am rich myself. But I act as if I already have everything and the world can’t give me anything. I can only offer value because it’s pouring out of me. I act on masculine principle. And I have found that I keep running into similar people by accident or serendipity.

3- Focus on having fun with pheromones. My focus was on just having fun the whole day. Meeting cool guys, the hotel party, the girl, they were just part of it. My focus was not on girls. If it was, I would have been totally absent-minded around the guys I met. And I would have had a needy, incomplete vibe about me. My default intention whenever I go out is “I just wanna enjoy myself”. Attractive women also have the same default intention. That’s probably why me and her got along and spent the rest of the day together. Is Pherazone Ultra legal? J/K

How to use approach women with Pherazone

I have found that direct openers where you express 100% intent are the only openers that can make you develop a super strong frame. And if you learn to be unreactive to women’s negative reactions, then that’s where you start to develop your “inner game”. Or rather, “inner resolve”. Getting laid from cold approach is not about perfect interactions. It’s about getting rejection out of the way, going into social God mode because you don’t care about your ego anymore, and then escalating on windows of opportunities.

  • You approach dominately. (First test is dominance test)
  • She feels attraction
  • She tests you periodically   (Congruence test)
  • You either act unreactive or outframe her
  • She is even more attracted (Backwards rationalization. You are unreactive, therefore you must be high value.)
  • She goes through cognitive dissonance where her mind disagrees with her body (aka anti-slut defense)
  • You throw in plausible deniability while keeping in mind the logistics (Plausible deniability is an excuse to get to the seduction location without mentioning sex. Example: Netflix and chill)

Once you succeed in all these steps and arrived at the seduction location, you go into foreplay/disarming her last minute resistance.

This is what all of you guys are spending your time trying to figure out or execute. From this blueprint, you can create any method you want. But it is mostly being dominant, staying congruent, using plausible deniability, and then sexually escalating.

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