How Pheromones Really Work … [UPDATE]

How Pheromones Really Work … [UPDATE]

Let me ask you something about pheromones, do you say you believe those things because it is what the PUAs tell you that you should believe? Or because you actually believe pheromones work?

How pheromones worked for me

When I was younger I struggled with balancing a cocky confidence with women that was alluring without turning off literally everyone else including many women who weren’t into it. I think your confidence has become too intense and too serious. That turns women off with pheromones.

Additionally, let’s say that you could be any guy in the world, let’s say you were some guy swimming in pussy, and if any girl you were with got out of line there were literally hundreds of women ready to suck your dick and replace them. These are guys who are pre-selected, even if a woman were not predisposed to find that type attractive, the fact that millions of other women do would likely make her wet for him. Let’s say you were that guy. The biology of pheromones in mammals can be difficult to explain.

Regarding pheromones and Women

Would you give 1/8th of a shit about a chick who didn’t want to be your study buddy? What if she was attracted to your pheromones?

No. You probably wouldn’t even notice. You wouldn’t have sent the text at all, and you’d have like 6 girls around you dropping their pencils and trying to show you their asses.

Sometimes pheromone attraction is as much about what you don’t do as what you do. By texting her for a buddy you told her that there was literally no one else better to be your friend in that moment, and implied that you needed a study buddy, or worse a friend, perhaps because there weren’t many people who wanted to be your friend before either.

I’m not saying these things are necessarily true, they are just implied, and things she thinks herself are doubly powerful for herself and her pheromones. Consider sex pheromones if you want to get laid.

By getting angry you imply that you care about this little shitty interaction because you aren’t alpha. Because it matters to you that some bitch didn’t want to study with you.

Instead, you want to just lightly flirt with her, and send her some stupid light hearted texts, or maybe snapchats, because those don’t necessarily look like they meant to be sent to any one person. Then I wouldn’t text her to be a study buddy until some rapport is built, and only if you are going for a more relationship thing. The alpha guys who bone her on the first date don’t do the study buddy thing, that’s for future girlfriends. Instead, you could text her on a weekend on the way to a party and meet her there, be a cool guy there and then bring her back to your place.

Personally, I hate parties and I never liked the idea of one night stands or pointless hookups. Ironically, women have never thrown themselves at me like they do when I do all but say it. But if this is what you want, that’s how you do it. The diversity of pheromones you own will increase your chances of getting laid.

And to be clear, I certainly believe women need to be called out on their bullshit, but this is a case where doing so makes you look like you care too much.

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