Chikara pheromones are extremely popular with men

Chikara pheromones are extremely popular with men

Chikara pheromones are extremely popular with men who want to attract the opposite sex. Mystery is all about your charisma. I am honest with every woman who has ever come into my life but I am also a complete mystery…even to my guy friends. Charisma alone won’t get you the girl of your dreams. You need to have magnetic attraction.

It’s because most of us are dynamic ever changing walking dichotomies. There are parts to me that are still a mystery even to myself and I would express that and completely shock everyone that knows me from time to time, including myself.
High-quality pheromones like Chikara can give you that edge with women and make sexual attraction that much easier.

Pheromones have nothing to do with the truth. Pheromone attraction is an element of your character. You will project an aura of confidence. You can tell people everything about yourself, yet reveal nothing. You can also reveal everything, but because you are a dynamic ever changing being, you can still be the most mysterious person.

When I was in the military, I was the most mysterious guy to women. At first I came across as a charming romantic hero guy. Then I became a total player. Then I went back to being a relationship guy.I threw every woman off my scent inadvertently. A female shipmate once asked me why I was so mysterious and I simply told her “I am just being myself”. I am not a charming romantic hero or a player…I am both. I am a walking dichotomy. I am a mystery even onto myself. And I allow myself to express the truth about me (which is ever changing) at any given moment. Mystery is an element of charisma and has nothing to do with boring facts.

Pheromones enhance charisma. It has more to do with being spontaneous, unpredictable, bold, fun and exciting than telling her you work in finance. A lot of guys get confused between the words that come out of their mouth and the character they are expressing,. Women pay attention to your character when it comes to attraction. In relationships, tell her the truth. But the truth and your charismatic personality are two different things.

My advice with Chikara Pheromones

Being unpredictable and allowing yourself to be a walking dichotomy and a dynamic individual who’s constantly evolving is how you prevent yourself from solving yourself to women. Once again, nothing to do with being honest. Just don’t pigeonhole yourself into a boring stagnate role where you don’t grow. Pheromones can give you the edge you seek out with women and make dating easier. Learn more about Chikara pheromone cologne |

I feel with pheromones when I am approaching women I no longer feel nervous or insecure.

Summary: Chikara pheromone cologne for men contains 10 mg of human pheromones per bottle, which is nearly twice the amount as Primal Instinct for Men. It also contains a well-balanced formula of seven different sex pheromones, including the standard androsteNONE, androsteNOL, and androsteRONE, combined with a pleasing scent.

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