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How Pheromones Really Work … [UPDATE]

How Pheromones Really Work … [UPDATE]

Let me ask you something about pheromones, do you say you believe those things because it is what the PUAs tell you that you should believe? Or because you actually believe pheromones work?

How pheromones worked for me

When I was younger I struggled with balancing a cocky confidence with women that was alluring without turning off literally everyone else including many women who weren’t into it. I think your confidence has become too intense and too serious. That turns women off with pheromones.

Additionally, let’s say that you could be any guy in the world, let’s say you were some guy swimming in pussy, and if any girl you were with got out of line there were literally hundreds of women ready to suck your dick and replace them. These are guys who are pre-selected, even if a woman were not predisposed to find that type attractive, the fact that millions of other women do would likely make her wet for him. Let’s say you were that guy. The biology of pheromones in mammals can be difficult to explain.

Regarding pheromones and Women

Would you give 1/8th of a shit about a chick who didn’t want to be your study buddy? What if she was attracted to your pheromones?

No. You probably wouldn’t even notice. You wouldn’t have sent the text at all, and you’d have like 6 girls around you dropping their pencils and trying to show you their asses.

Sometimes pheromone attraction is as much about what you don’t do as what you do. By texting her for a buddy you told her that there was literally no one else better to be your friend in that moment, and implied that you needed a study buddy, or worse a friend, perhaps because there weren’t many people who wanted to be your friend before either.

I’m not saying these things are necessarily true, they are just implied, and things she thinks herself are doubly powerful for herself and her pheromones. Consider sex pheromones if you want to get laid.

By getting angry you imply that you care about this little shitty interaction because you aren’t alpha. Because it matters to you that some bitch didn’t want to study with you.

Instead, you want to just lightly flirt with her, and send her some stupid light hearted texts, or maybe snapchats, because those don’t necessarily look like they meant to be sent to any one person. Then I wouldn’t text her to be a study buddy until some rapport is built, and only if you are going for a more relationship thing. The alpha guys who bone her on the first date don’t do the study buddy thing, that’s for future girlfriends. Instead, you could text her on a weekend on the way to a party and meet her there, be a cool guy there and then bring her back to your place.

Personally, I hate parties and I never liked the idea of one night stands or pointless hookups. Ironically, women have never thrown themselves at me like they do when I do all but say it. But if this is what you want, that’s how you do it. The diversity of pheromones you own will increase your chances of getting laid.

And to be clear, I certainly believe women need to be called out on their bullshit, but this is a case where doing so makes you look like you care too much.

Pherazone Ultra Blew Me Away!

Pherazone Ultra Blew Me Away!

Pherazone is easily the most powerful pheromone cologne product on the market. It contains 7 powerful pheromones that enhance sexual attraction. I bought my first bottle of Pherazone online and was totally blown away by the results.

My first Pherazone results

This is what I have learned about using Pherazone pheromones recently ….

1 – I’ve learned to totally cut out approaching. But it is only because I don’t react if the girl thinks I am crazy for being too forward. It is part of my image to be a playboy who uses pheromones. It’s all about identity, and not what you do. It’s who you are. And ever since I had that harem, my identity has forever shifted to Don juan/Cassanova. My identity is so strong, women barely test for congruency. But I have had a lot of experience with the Don Juan identity. So if you are starting off, expect to be tested.

2- Always be a cool guy. Lift people up to your level. Andy wants to invite me to his next house party with drugs and hot chicks at his beach house. I run into these people not because I am rich myself. But I act as if I already have everything and the world can’t give me anything. I can only offer value because it’s pouring out of me. I act on masculine principle. And I have found that I keep running into similar people by accident or serendipity.

3- Focus on having fun with pheromones. My focus was on just having fun the whole day. Meeting cool guys, the hotel party, the girl, they were just part of it. My focus was not on girls. If it was, I would have been totally absent-minded around the guys I met. And I would have had a needy, incomplete vibe about me. My default intention whenever I go out is “I just wanna enjoy myself”. Attractive women also have the same default intention. That’s probably why me and her got along and spent the rest of the day together. Is Pherazone Ultra legal? J/K

How to use approach women with Pherazone

I have found that direct openers where you express 100% intent are the only openers that can make you develop a super strong frame. And if you learn to be unreactive to women’s negative reactions, then that’s where you start to develop your “inner game”. Or rather, “inner resolve”. Getting laid from cold approach is not about perfect interactions. It’s about getting rejection out of the way, going into social God mode because you don’t care about your ego anymore, and then escalating on windows of opportunities.

  • You approach dominately. (First test is dominance test)
  • She feels attraction
  • She tests you periodically   (Congruence test)
  • You either act unreactive or outframe her
  • She is even more attracted (Backwards rationalization. You are unreactive, therefore you must be high value.)
  • She goes through cognitive dissonance where her mind disagrees with her body (aka anti-slut defense)
  • You throw in plausible deniability while keeping in mind the logistics (Plausible deniability is an excuse to get to the seduction location without mentioning sex. Example: Netflix and chill)

Once you succeed in all these steps and arrived at the seduction location, you go into foreplay/disarming her last minute resistance.

This is what all of you guys are spending your time trying to figure out or execute. From this blueprint, you can create any method you want. But it is mostly being dominant, staying congruent, using plausible deniability, and then sexually escalating.

Chikara pheromones are extremely popular with men

Chikara pheromones are extremely popular with men

Chikara pheromones are extremely popular with men who want to attract the opposite sex. Mystery is all about your charisma. I am honest with every woman who has ever come into my life but I am also a complete mystery…even to my guy friends. Charisma alone won’t get you the girl of your dreams. You need to have magnetic attraction.

It’s because most of us are dynamic ever changing walking dichotomies. There are parts to me that are still a mystery even to myself and I would express that and completely shock everyone that knows me from time to time, including myself.
High-quality pheromones like Chikara can give you that edge with women and make sexual attraction that much easier.

Pheromones have nothing to do with the truth. Pheromone attraction is an element of your character. You will project an aura of confidence. You can tell people everything about yourself, yet reveal nothing. You can also reveal everything, but because you are a dynamic ever changing being, you can still be the most mysterious person.

When I was in the military, I was the most mysterious guy to women. At first I came across as a charming romantic hero guy. Then I became a total player. Then I went back to being a relationship guy.I threw every woman off my scent inadvertently. A female shipmate once asked me why I was so mysterious and I simply told her “I am just being myself”. I am not a charming romantic hero or a player…I am both. I am a walking dichotomy. I am a mystery even onto myself. And I allow myself to express the truth about me (which is ever changing) at any given moment. Mystery is an element of charisma and has nothing to do with boring facts.

Pheromones enhance charisma. It has more to do with being spontaneous, unpredictable, bold, fun and exciting than telling her you work in finance. A lot of guys get confused between the words that come out of their mouth and the character they are expressing,. Women pay attention to your character when it comes to attraction. In relationships, tell her the truth. But the truth and your charismatic personality are two different things.

My advice with Chikara Pheromones

Being unpredictable and allowing yourself to be a walking dichotomy and a dynamic individual who’s constantly evolving is how you prevent yourself from solving yourself to women. Once again, nothing to do with being honest. Just don’t pigeonhole yourself into a boring stagnate role where you don’t grow. Pheromones can give you the edge you seek out with women and make dating easier. Learn more about Chikara pheromone cologne |

I feel with pheromones when I am approaching women I no longer feel nervous or insecure.

Summary: Chikara pheromone cologne for men contains 10 mg of human pheromones per bottle, which is nearly twice the amount as Primal Instinct for Men. It also contains a well-balanced formula of seven different sex pheromones, including the standard androsteNONE, androsteNOL, and androsteRONE, combined with a pleasing scent.

Pheromone tests for insects

Pheromone tests for insects

Pheromone tests for insects is quite common. For example, the olefin precursor of disparlure — (Z)-2-methyl-7-octadecene — was tested as a mating disruptant in me dium (16 ha) and small (0.01 ha) field plots. In one test, olefin was applied as a mi croencapsulated formulation (NCR) at 62 g/ha to 16-ha plots in a preseason test witl released laboratory reared males.” The test was monitored with traps baited with 48 hr-old virgin females A second pheromones test was conducted against an artificial infestation witl 15 g olefin per hectare on l6-ha plots. A third test was conducted in a natural infesta tion by applying olefin to 16-ha plots at 15 g/ha. Tests were monitored by capture 0 male moths in treated vs. untreated plots or by mating success of females placed it plots. In the first test, reduction of trap catch by 80% or less indicated that the olefir would be of little value for suppression of population thanks to alarm pheromones. The second test substantiatec this conclusion because there was no difference in mating in olefin-treated and un treated plots. Similar data were obtained in the natural population. In another small-plot test (0.01 ha), Cardé et al.” found that disparlure or a mixture of olefin and disparlure reduced the catch of male moths in disparlure—baited trap: vi and that the olefin alone was much less effective. The chemicals were released by evaporation from stainless steel planchets suspended at a height of 1.8 m from strings on 2 I1 4 X 4 checkerboard grid with release stations 3 m apart. 1 Also, in 1978, the tests with NCR microcapsules showed that an application of 50 g disparlure per hectare gave 97% mating reduction whereas 5 g/ha gave only 76% reduction (Table 3). Thus, rate as well as population influenced the reduction of mating. Further information concerning this effect was obtained in small-plot tests in Massachusetts. The objective was to evaluate the technique because it was believed that small plots might permit rapid comparisons between dose levels without excessive expenditure of time and manpower.” This is the true pheromone usage. Learn about Turn Up The Heat pheromone |

Plots of 25 m X 25 m were marked out, and disparlure was applied at various rates to cotton wicks (36 wicks per plot) suspended at 5-m intervals on strings 2 m above the ground. Since the strings were 5 m apart, the wicks formed a regular checkerboard pattern. At the center of the plot was an array of five high-capacity traps, 100 m apart, each baited with (+ )—disparlure. The traps also contained a toxicant that killed moths that entered. Learn about pheromone oils |

Insect catch was determined daily, and the catch in treated plots was compared with that in untreated plots. The tests were carried out in mid- to late July, when moth flight was at its peak, and in early August, when the population was declining. At peak flight, 60 to 300 insects were caught daily in untreated plots, compared with 3 to 20 insects caught daily as the flight decreased. Racemic disparlure was applied to the wicks at loadings that ranged from 1.8 mg to 36 g total per plot. Each treatment was replicated three times. Applications of l g per plot or more reduced male catch by 90%. About 100 mg of disparlure evaporated daily 1 from the 1-g application, equivalent to 250 mg/ha/day. When the, population was reduced thanks to pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at

Unique Hoodia

Unique Hoodia

From what I gather losing weight consists for 75% of eating less fatty crap. The rest would be running for me. vSleeping enough and ensuring it is quality sleep (meditating prior to it to stop thinking) is another core component. If you want to add muscles, wait until you trained all the fat away first. I am fairly active (I box 3 times a week, play tennis 1-2x and hit a gym 1-2 per week), yet I still have some fat around belly. Could you recommend some diet or program to follow? I am 32y old male. I’d say either do a week or so of Rapid Fat Loss by Lyle McDonald if it’s just ‘a bit’ of fat… it’s not ‘easy’ and it’ll probably suck but it’s the fastest most effective route to lose fat quickly .

If you’re creative in the kitchen it can actually be a breeze…Anything else (and I mean ANYTHING else!) will simply make it a slower, more comfortable, but less reliable endeavour. You may still find success with Unique Hoodia.

Questions are really:

– How quickly do you want results / are you happy waiting for them?

– How is your will power?

– How comfortable do you want it to be?

You could do something like Intermittent Fasting instead, for which I’d recommend the original Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon… much slower but almost seamless in terms of lifestyle change. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Toniy! I actually posted in group buys about the new book from Brad Pilon that deals with this exact topic (men diet for getting down fat %). I will check the Eat Stop Eat material. I do not have specific target in mind, I just feel it’s a shame that I exercise frequently and still do not have ripped abs. Oh yeah? I really like Brad Pilon actually. I’ll have to look out for that (the new book). Learn about Unique Hoodia |

Yeah man… it’s all in your diet. I spent 3 months daily with an ex-royal marine, who told me he was essentially the fittest bloke in the division (whatever) but he was always a chubby fucker.On the plus side you’ll have probably built up a decent foundation now… so it’s just a case of revealing what you’ve got! Didn’t mean for this reply to take so long, btw… I’m not used to checking this high up in the forum. Lyle know ALLOT more than Brad… also Lyle is allot less of a bullshitter … Brad is super cool and knowledgeable also… no doubt … but first and foremost he is a rather good marketer… Lyle is a shitty marketer, less cool, – but much more intelligent…

There is a limit to how “fit” you can be if you are fat: Being “fit” is about how strong one’s “cardio engine” is compared to how large a body that has to be moved around is… I know a few severely heavy guys that break those rules (former world strongest men like Guffy and so on) buy they are like 130 kg pure muscle with 40 kg of fat or something – even if you are strong, have a great heart, and great cardio vascular system, being fat will always affect how fit you are… And for most, the easiest way to get fit, will be to stop being fat.